The Uncertainty of Divorce

Divorce is like driving in a dense fog.


The other morning, I was driving in a dense fog. It was extremely difficult to see much past the front of my Jeep. I turned on my fog lights, but they were little help. Luckily, I was driving in familiar territory. I could continue at a reduced speed, and feel relatively safe in moving forward.

It struck me that divorce is like driving through a dense fog, however, with one very large difference: divorce is an unfamiliar journey.

Divorce is disorientation, an unexpected detour in life. No one contemplates divorce on their wedding day; you didn’t plan to be here. Perhaps, you were cruising down a road with your life laid out before you, thinking everything is grand. Then, in what seems like a blink of an eye, you find yourself in unfamiliar territory, uncertain of what turns and pitfalls lay ahead.

It is important to keep moving.

Sometimes in the midst of uncertainty, we are tempted to just stop. Shut it down. But, what happens if we find ourselves in a dense fog and just stop? We put ourselves and others in jeopardy. The surest way to cause a pile-up on a highway where visibility is low is to simply stop. Point is, even though the road ahead is uncertain, we must keep going.

At this point, movement is scary. You may not want to go. You may be unsure of where to go. But, movement is necessary. What is around the corner? I don’t know. But, I know I can’t stay here.

Divorce is filled with uncertain moments. But to get out of the fog: slow down, use caution, but most of all, keep moving forward.

That’s what divorce coaching is for. I’ve been there, and I can help you navigate through uncertain times. Ready to move forward? Let’s get started.



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